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4 Ways to Make Money with Amazon by Not Working Directly in Amazon

Now that we have looked at all the ways you could use to land a job at Amazon, let us look at alternative ways of making money with Amazon. If you fail in landing your dream job with Amazon, you could still become an Amazon member by working with Amazon from outside. Amazon is a vast business with plenty of opportunities. These opportunities give you a chance to earn, even if you do not land a job with Amazon. Some of the available Amazon money-making opportunities include:

Sell on Amazon: The most open opportunity for working with Amazon is selling on the site. The Amazon site allows merchants to sell all types of products in retail. If you want to venture into business, Amazon provides the right platform for you to start. Selling on Amazon is a cheap way of starting a business since you don’t have to have a physical store. All you have to do is order products on wholesale, list them on Amazon, and start selling. To start selling on Amazon is absolutely free for individuals in the US and Canada. If you are outside these countries, you may be required to pay a small fee to start listing your products. Most importantly, selling on Amazon gives you access to the global market.

While selling on Amazon is an easy way to start earning, it comes with a fair share of challenges. For instance, you have to do proper market research before you start selling. It is paramount to source the right products and meet all the requirements laid out by Amazon. With that said, Amazon is a customer-centric company. In other words, they work hard to ensure that customers and merchants have a smooth operation. If you choose to sell on Amazon, you will enjoy 24 hours of customer support. You will be helped in making the right decisions for your Amazon store and growing your business.

Become an Amazon Affiliate: An Amazon affiliate is a person who helps Amazon and its merchants to sell products. Amazon Affiliates basically market the products on Amazon for a commission. Anyone can register for the Amazon Affiliate program. With the Amazon Affiliate, you are allowed to sign up and start marketing the products of the company. When You are an affiliate, you are allowed to market all products on Amazon, including those posted by independent merchants. To register as an affiliate, you only need an email.

Amazon affiliates are required to have a reliable traffic source. If you’re a blogger, a social media influencer, or if you can market products on social media, simply apply for the affiliate program. You will be paid for every product sold from your affiliate link. When you register, you receive a personal affiliate link. All the sales made via that link are recorded, and commissions dispatched to affiliates. At the end of the month, you can claim your affiliate income based on the number of products sold via your link.

Become an Amazon Product Reviewer: Most Amazon affiliates start as product reviewers. Product reviewers are mainly bloggers who are involved in sampling products and educating potential buyers. Amazon product review sites receive plenty of traffic, considering that Amazon has millions of customers. Most people conduct research online about products before purchasing. Those who carry out such research rely on product review sites. There are several types of product review blogs. There are those that focus on a single product, while others review general products.

If you want to get involved in Amazon product reviews, you need to choose a niche that you are comfortable with. For instance, you cannot review umbrellas if you don’t have any experience with umbrellas. Choose a product that you resonate with. For instance, you could review phones better if you are a tech expert instead of wasting your time on beauty products. If you are trying to apply for a software engineering job but fail, you could try to educate users about technology products sold on Amazon. This way, you get to work with Amazon and do the job you enjoy.

If you choose to get into blogging and product reviewing, you have several ways of earning income. As a blogger, you can earn income by monetizing your traffic with Google AdSense. You can also register for an Amazon affiliate and generate some income through marketing the Amazon products. Most importantly, you could open your Amazon merchant account and start selling your own products. Invest in using your review site to drive traffic to your Amazon products.

Become an Amazon Delivery Agent: You could also earn money from Amazon by registering as a delivery agent. Amazon delivery agents are hired by independent delivery companies. If you want to deliver for Amazon, find a job with any delivery company in your region that is registered with Amazon. There are minimum requirements that a company should fulfill to be allowed to deliver for Amazon. For instance, any company that wants to deliver must have the prescribed vans cars and drivers. The drivers will also be required to acquire special skills on how to handle deliveries. The company also requires all delivery vans to have public liability insurance. If the products being transported are stolen or damaged along the way, the insurance policy steps in. If you are up to the task, you can start a delivery company and hire some drivers to do the job. On the other hand, you may just find a job as a delivery agent and start delivering products to customers.

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