Amazon Job Application Process

Now that you know what you need to work at Amazon, let us look at the application process. The way you apply for a job matters and determines whether you will be called for the position. You should remember that many people apply for Amazon jobs, and you will be competing against some of the best minds in the market.

The Application Process Explained                

We will look at the details on how to apply for an Amazon job later. In this section, I want us to look at the general procedure involved in applying for an Amazon job and how effective the process is. In general, the job application process at Amazon is done in 5 steps.

Step1: Complete the Online Application

To apply for a job at Amazon, visit jobcategory, and select the job category that you wish to apply. Under the category, you will find the available jobs and the location where the job offer is available. Carefully read the job description before applying. The first step in applying for all Amazon jobs is to fill the online application form. Amazon makes the job application process easy by providing online forms that are easy to understand. Make sure you apply for a position that is available in your locality. However, if you are willing to relocate, apply for any position regardless of the location.

For each job that you choose to apply, you will get a 30-minute virtual job preview, which will give you more information about the role. You will not be required to visit Amazon or any office to understand your roles and responsibility. You should use a laptop or desktop to fill out the online application form to avoid errors in your responses.

Step 2: Attend Office Hours

After filling your online application, you may be required to attend an in- person 20 minutes office appointment. The role you are applying for will determine if there is a need for attending in-person office hours. Most people who apply for remote positions do not have to attend office hours. However, it is the general practice for Amazon to require employees to attend to the office in person. This is another reason why you should apply for a job that is near to your locality. Visit any Amazon fulfillment center and talk to the human resource manager about your application. In most cases, you will be given an appointment via email after filling your online application.

The main reason for attending the 20-minute office appointment is to prove your identity. You should carry all the documents needed to prove your identity. In most cases, Amazon jobs are not focused on the resume but rather on delivery. While you will be required to present your resume, the company mainly requires potential employees to prove their skills in practice.

You should also prove your eligibility to work in your country and local region. These aspects will determine whether you land the job or not. Do not worry about the details of the documents you will have to bring along. Your local HR office will send you an email of all the documents needed to prove your identity. In most cases, you’ll only need your driver’s license and your tax information.

Step 3: Online Job Orientation

After providing all your credentials to the hiring office, you should expect an email that will confirm your new hire details. If you are hired, you will have to undergo an online orientation to the Amazon job environment. The online orientation mainly tries to elaborate on your roles and responsibilities. You get to learn what it is like to work at Amazon and all the requirements on your part. For those who work in warehouses, you will be informed about the dress code, the requirements of the job, and the expectations on the side of the company. The online orientation basically breaks down everything you should expect when working at Amazon.

When undergoing online orientation, you will have to fill out a few documents so that you can get paid. You will find all the instructions in your email.

Step 4: Your First Day at Work

After you have completed your online orientation, you should expect to receive an email with first-day schedule details. When you arrive at Amazon on your first day, you will receive more details about your job. The human resource officers at Amazon will give you a proper induction to your job and responsibilities. You will have a chance to ask any questions and get clarification. For those who are going to work at Amazon warehouses, you will be required to wear the proper attire for safety purposes.

If you will be working in an administrative or managerial position, you will also be required to wear official attire. You cannot report to work in a hoodie or jackets with drawings. You are expected to show up looking smart and professional. Failure to show up in presentable attire may lead to termination of your contract even before you start.

Step 5: Negotiate Job Terms and Start Work

After you have gone through the induction process, you should be ready to start work. However, do not start working before negotiating terms. You should know your salary, expected perks, and other factors of importance. Make sure you get clarifications from your employer to avoid a situation where you end up having problems in the future.

Where to Find Amazon Job Listings               

Amazon jobs are lucrative, and many people are out there looking to apply. For this reason, there are also many scammers who purport to offer Amazon jobs. If you are looking for Amazon jobs, you should only look for the listings from authentic sites. For Amazon job listings, you have two options: authentic job listing boards and the Amazon job listings website.

Authentic Job Listing Websites

There are many websites that list jobs in all fields. A good example would be Glassdoor or Indeed. Such websites list all types of jobs, including those from third parties. They may list all types of jobs from Amazon. The best part about such websites is that they list all types of jobs in your locality. You may not have to apply for jobs that are outside your region. If you choose to apply from such websites, only go for the authentic job listing sites.

Amazon Job Listing Website

The second and the most authentic source for Amazon jobs is the Amazon job listing website. The Amazon job listing website offers all jobs that are available at Amazon regardless of the location. The best part about the Amazon hiring website is that the jobs are categorized into groups depending on the profession. You can easily browse through the jobs and choose the job that directly applies to your experience. Furthermore, applying from Amazon directly redirects to the application page where you fill the form. To apply from the Amazon job listing page, just visit

These two options provide authentic Amazon job listings. Do not look for Amazon jobs from non-authentic sites. If it is a third party page, it should be reputable. Make sure you only obtain information that redirects you to the Amazon job website. All applications should be made through the Amazon jobs website. Any listing that does not redirect you to the Amazon job website is not legit. Most importantly, you should not apply for an Amazon job where you are required to give money before being hired. Amazon does not ask potential employees for money. The process of application is straightforward and does not include payment of any money.

How to Apply for Amazon Jobs: Directly vs.        


When it comes to applying for high profile jobs at a hi-tech company, you need to get the process right. Most of the jobs at Amazon are highly competitive. According to one of the recruiters at Amazon, each job attracts at least 20 online interviews and at least 7 in-person interviews. This shows how competitive the jobs you are applying for are. Most of the people applying for jobs are industry players with vast experience. In this regard, you need to get your application process right.

When it comes to applying for Amazon jobs, you have two options. You could either apply directly from the Amazon website, or you may apply through a recruiter.

Direct Application

Direct application means that you have to do everything yourself. You will have to visit Amazon job listings, pick a job that you are interested in, fill the online application, and wait for a response. Generally, the entire application takes about a month. If you apply directly online, you should expect your response within one week. If you do not receive a response, it means that your application has been declined. In some instances, you may receive an email explaining the reason for the decline. However, in most cases, you will only be notified that your application has been declined.

Apply Via a Recruiter

The recommended way of applying for Amazon jobs is through recruiters. Applying for your job via an Amazon recruiter gives you an upper hand since you get to learn some tips for application. If you get in touch with a friendly recruiter, he/she might help you simplify your application. Recruiters may point out what the company is looking for and help you ace your interview.

The biggest challenge that most people have when applying through recruiters is getting in touch with the right recruiter. The other challenge may be getting a response from the recruiters.

If you are going to land a job at Amazon, you need to get in touch with the right recruiter. There are several ways of contacting recruiters. The best option is directly calling or emailing a recruiter. Search for Amazon recruiters on LinkedIn and contact them. Make sure you contact a recruiter that is based in your locality for a chance of a response.

While emailing and texting the recruiter might not be a challenge, the problem is getting a response. To increase the chances of a response, use several channels of communication. It is recommended that you start by emailing your recruiter. Give him/her a few days to respond, if you do not receive a response, go ahead and use the other means of communication. Send a LinkedIn message, call, or boom to get clarification. In your message, you should be clear about your intentions, the position you are interested in, and your ability to deliver.

If you are interested in working at Amazon, you should not just send random messages. Landing a job at such a competitive company is not usually a walk in the park. You need to play your cards right to get a reply from recruiters.

For you to get a response from a recruiter, you need to stand out. You should not just send out your resume and expect to get a response. You should have a clear opening message that shows your passion and qualities. You should stand out right from your introductory message to be able to capture the attention of the recruiter.

In addressing the recruiter, do not apply for the job, but just send an introductory message. Show your interest and capabilities in less than a paragraph. Most recruiters are busy individuals who do not have enough time to read through pages. Just summarize yourself in a simple and compact manner to grab the attention of the recruiter.

Job Application Tips                           

Do not apply for the job directly on Amazon before contacting a recruiter. Although the recruiter may ask you to apply through Amazon, he/she should give you some pointers on how to get your application considered.

Ensure that your resume is well-formatted when filling the forms and does not contain typos. All recruiters are looking for employees who are efficient and detailed. Missing minor spelling errors on your resume is not a good selling point.

Make sure you study the company’s 14 leadership principles outlined above and understand them. Most of the questions you will be asked during oral and phone interviews will be based on these principles.

If you are applying for a tech job, brush up your coding skills. Most people who apply for tech jobs at Amazon have to undertake a coding test.

Remember that Amazon is one of the biggest hi-tech companies in the world. You should be able to prove that you are the best to be considered.

If you are applying for a writing job, you may be required to write an essay. Most jobs require writing an essay, especially those that relate to customer service.

When you apply for a job at Amazon, the recruiters have to look at your background information. They will have to look at your social media profiles and your past work experience. Ensure that you update your social media profiles, especially those that relate to your professional life. Make sure your LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow profiles are updated and free of errors.

What to Provide with an Application              

When you are applying for any job, there are documents you will be required to submit. For Amazon jobs, you have to submit your documents during the in-person interview. The documents you provided are supposed to correlate with the information provided in your online application. As a matter of fact, Amazon request proof of identity documents during in-person interviews.

This means that you have to provide documents that prove the information you provided in your online application.

Like all other jobs, Amazon jobs require two sets of information. You should provide documents that prove your identity and those that show your competence. However, the standards of the documents needed vary depending on the type of job you are applying for. For instance, a software engineer will not provide the same documents as a delivery agent. Those who work in Amazon warehouses as casual laborers are not required to have prior work experience. You can apply for the job and show up without being asked to provide any type of documents to prove your qualification. The only documents you have to provide are those that prove your identity.

If you are planning to apply for an Amazon job at any level, here are the documents that you should arm yourself with. However, I will recommend consulting your recruiter before showing up with the documents; the requirements for consideration change constantly.

Previous Employer’s Experience

Most Amazon jobs require individuals with vast experience. Those applying for technical fields or managerial positions need to produce documents that prove their competence. Furthermore, you also need to prove that your last job did not end in bad blood. Amazon does not hire individuals with a questionable reputation. For this reason, you have to provide documents that prove your experience. You will be required to attach a letter of resignation acceptance from the previous employer. In case you lack the letter of resignation, you may be required to provide a phone number for verification of your details.

Previous Employer Latest 3 Month’s Proof of Pay

Before you are hired at Amazon, they have to confirm that you were actively employed somewhere. They also have to look at your salary range from the previous employer. You will particularly be required to have your past 3 months’ pay stubs if you do not have a resignation letter from your previous employer. These statements are vital in proving your identity and work experience.

Highest Education Certificate/Diploma

The other concern for Amazon recruiters is the educational qualification. If you are applying for a technical job, you should prove your competence by providing your educational papers. They usually request for the highest education qualification and mark sheets. You should look for your transcripts in advance if you are applying for an Amazon job to avoid a last-minute rush.

Two Proofs of ID

You will be required to present your social security card (SSN) and at least one form of photo identification. This is usually your driver’s license and could also be a passport or state-issued identification card. If you’re a resident alien, you’ll have to provide proof that you can legally work in the United States, including your passport and visas.

While some documents are vital for you to get hired, some are just formalities. There are documents that must be presented on the first day of the in-person interview. For instance, you should provide a letter of resignation acceptance on the first day. You should also provide your passport or driver’s license. Furthermore, you will be required to submit your academic credentials before you are allowed to work.

Once you have provided the key documents, you can start work while you sort out the other documents. Amazon offers a 30 to 40 day grace period for new employees to submit the necessary documents. Unfortunately, failure to provide the necessary documents may lead to termination of your contract.

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