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Are you really looking for a job?

Yes, there is no food for a lazy man. Many people are jobless today because they are lazy. They blame the government. They blame corruption. They blame those that refused to help them. They blame the President. They blame the governor. They blame politicians. Some go as far as blaming the devil and some even blame God for their joblessness.

Can I tell you the truth? If you are jobless, no one is to blame but you. Even if people help you in life the truth remains that the best helping hand you can have is at the end of your arm. Until you blame yourself for your predicament, you will not be able to take responsibility for your life. Even if those that you hoped would assist you in getting a job have failed you, don’t fail yourself! Take responsibility! Success is a personal choice! Winners never quit! Quitters never win!

There are people that got jobs last year, last month, last week even yesterday by making some extra effort. Why not you?

Jobless people are irresponsible people because they depend on other people to work hard and earn money to take care of them!


Many people are jobless or without jobs today because they are lazy. The dictionary defines a lazy person as someone that is unwilling to work. Many graduates in Nigeria today are unwilling to work that is why they submit their CVs around and expect a miracle. They expect someone to go through their CVs and give them a job. Some go as far as meeting friends and relations to give them connections so that they can get a job. That is laziness!

Please don’t get me wrong! Miracles are real! I believe in miracles. And, yes, some people get miracle jobs! But the truth is that not everybody will get a miracle job. Not everybody will get a job by just submitting their CVs somewhere.


If you are currently jobless, I have good news for you! You already have a job! Please don’t say amen. I’m not praying for you. I’, stating a fact! You already have a job! You must get up early every day, take your bath, dress up and go in search of a job. Yes, everyday! Everyday! Whenever you stop doing that, you are unwilling to work and that means you are lazy.

Let me ask you a question. If you already had a job, would you wake up early every day and prepare to go to work? Yes! If you see your job as getting a job then you will wake up every morning and go to work on your job of getting a job! That proves that you are not lazy and that way, you will surely get a job…no several jobs to choose from!


Have you ever wondered why a few minutes after you spill sugar or a sugary food, ants appear and begin to lick it? It is because ants are always on the move! They have a job to always search for food. So wherever their food is, some ants will run into their miracle jobs and inform other ants to join them to carry the food home!

The same is true for everyone who continuously searches for a job! If an ant sees some little food, what would it do? Carry it home and look for more food! If you find a small job, start doing it, and search for a better one. If you search for a job the way ants search for food, you will surely find! You feel me?


Some people are jobless today because they don’t like the jobs they found! Some complain that the salary is too small. That is stupidity! You don’t have a right to select unless you have options, you don’t have the right to reject any job if you don’t already have a job. You want to hear the truth? A beggar that wakes up every morning and goes out to beg earns more money than you if you don’t have a job. Think about it.


The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 9:10 “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with you might” Don’t let your course become a curse to you. Don’t let your certificate make you a certified failure. People without certificate are willing, earning money and taking any available Job first and they can take care of their families. Why not?

Nowadays nobody wants to employ you no matter how fantastic your CV is if you don’t have work experience. And how do you get work experience? By taking any available Job now!


Your primary focus when looking for a job is a job that you can learn something from; a job that will develop your skills and make you a better person. Money is only the by- product of work. So, take that available job and begin to learn.

Do you know that someone can locate you in that seemingly little job you are doing now and give you a better one? That is if you work with all your heart!



The connection you need for your next job is usually found at your present place of work. If you are a mechanic, work on people’s cars to the best of your ability and don’t cheat them. Don’t quarrel with them. Speak the truth always and one day somebody will call you home and give you a personal contact to work on his vehicles or become a mechanic for his company. If you are good to people, they will recommend you to others and that’s how you keep getting jobs and customers.


You will not get anything extra from a job if you don’t put in extra effort. As a mechanic after working on cars for people wash the cars for them free of charge. They will not forget you. If you are a shoe maker, ask them to bring some extra shoes for free polishing. Just do something extra that will make people remember you! Put your signature on any little task you are asked to do.

There was once a graduate that didn’t find any job except security for a bank. So he started there. One day someone noticed the way he spoke and asked him about his qualification. That’s how he got a better job. Start with a good job, do your best and you will get a better job soon.


The number one reason why you should work is for the joy and fulfilment that come from the work. Always do your job well and you will get job satisfaction. Soon people will notice how you work happily and with all your mind and will give you a better job offer.

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