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Please don’t take what we are about to learn for granted so that your life will not remain the same. This article was written to address someone’s need. A few months ago, we had our youth convention in Shammah and the theme was LIFESTYLE OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE YOUTHS. This afternoon I was chatting with the guest minister who told me that some people had been calling him and sharing testimonies with him. He told me one striking testimony. A girl who did not even attend the programme got a copy of the preacher’s book MAKING MONEY WHILE IN SCHOOL, borrowed it and read. After reading the book, she went into bead making and in just one month, she made N40,000. The reason she called was to tell the guest minister that she wanted to pay her tithe into his account. His response was that she should pay her tithe in her Church.

So, I’m convinced that by virtue of what you will learn today, you will get your own testimony in Jesus’ name! The said girl did not even attend the programme. All she got was knowledge from the book she read and that was how she created her own job. That’s why I’m sure that the only reason why you will not create your own job today is if you don’t follow through with the instructions I will give you. These instructions are going to change your life for good in Jesus’ name!


A job is any activity that somebody does to get money. Anything you do that yields money for you, that’s what a job is.


Think about it. Why do you need to create your own job? You need to create your own job so that you will become financially independent and be able to create a better future for yourself and your children to come.

Anyone working in or with a company will tell you that his salary is not sufficient to meet all his needs. Even if you are a student, nowadays, there is no school that you can attend and get everything free of charge. Or do you know any one? The government of Rivers State has provided free education for its citizens but you still need to buy exercise books and spend money on transport and make other similar expenses. That is why, whoever you are, you need to create your own job.

Somebody might say, “I’m earning money. I’m working.” Yes! The question is, the money you are earning, is it sufficient to meet your needs? Is it sufficient to meet the needs of your family? Can it meet the needs of those in the society that you want to reach out to? Is it enough? The answer is no!

Why are we spending so much time on the WHY when our topic is HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN JOB? Because when you have a strong WHY, the HOW becomes easy. You might just be thinking, “Well, my parents are there to train me” I have good news for you, your parents will soon die. Whether you say amen or reject it or not, your parents will die sooner or later and then you will have to face reality. So, why not face it now?

If you think you are too young, then hear this. Nobody is too young for lack and want. One cause of death among young and old in African nations is lack of food. People don’t have sufficient money to get proper medication and good food to eat. Why is the number of militants increasing? Everybody wants more money!


You don’t just need to create your own job, you must do it now! Do you know why? If you don’t do it now, you will not be able to meet the needs of those that will request for money from you. What more, you may soon begin to beg for money. Even students, whose parents are rich, know that their parents will never give them the kind of money they need to do everything they want to do. So, you need to create your own job now because nobody is going to give you the kind of job you want and pay you the kind of money you want to be paid.

If you claim to be comfortable financially, how many of your brothers and sisters are comfortable? How many people can you comfortably take care of? The following instructions will help you create your own kind of job.


  1. I must discover my natural talents.
  2. I must start small.
  3. I must become the best at whatever I do.
  4. I must find opportunities to use my talents to solve problems.


There are two definitions of failure: people that have ideas and never implement them and people that act without taking time to think through. Those are the two types of failures we have.

There are 4 words in that verse that will help you create your job in 4 minutes. They are: work, device, knowledge and wisdom. Let’s recall the definition of Job. A job is any activity that somebody does to get money. Solomon says in this verse that there is a job you can do very well and those four words will help you discover it:

  1. Work
  2. Device
  3. Knowledge
  4. Wisdom

Solomon says clearly in that verse that you must not take those four things to the grave. Myles Munroe will say that, “The richest place on the earth is the graveyard because many people die with their creative abilities” Let’s look closely at the four parameters that will enable you discover your natural talents:

  1. WORK

What kind of work do you enjoy doing tirelessly? Write down the answer. If it’s washing plates, write it down. If it’s singing, write it down.

You already have what to use to create your own job but you just don’t know how to go about it. So, what I’ll do is help you know how to go about it. I’ll give you the knowledge and when you add knowledge to ability, what you have is creativity!


Device simply means thoughts. What ideas about work keep coming to your mind? The richest man in the world today is (Bill Gates) when he was still child, every time his mum will be looking for him, the boy will be somewhere sitted thinking, and she’ll be shouting bill? Bill! Bill! Bill! And she will find him thinking. One day she asked him, what are you doing? He said am thinking mom, don’t you think? What is that thing that makes you think something productive? Write it down.


What do you know how to do before you even start? What is that thing you naturally know without learning it? Many years ago, I found out that I could write; I didn’t learn it. I just knew it. The earlier you discover your natural talents, the better for you.


What are you skilful at doing naturally?


Every talent you have can create at least one job for you. David knew how to play the musical instrument and he started small in his father’s house. When King Saul was having an evil spirit and needed someone to play the musical instrument for him and someone told him about David and that was how David started playing for King Saul.

Nobody will know your talents and look for you to give you a job until you begin to use it. And, remember that a job is whatever you are paid to do.

When you are paid for using your talents, you are doing your job. No matter how many talents you’ve discovered now, regardless of how old you are, just use them! People around you must know that you have those talents. Don’t hide them! If people don’t know what you can do, they cannot look for you to give you the job. And the only way they will know you is when you start small.


Starting small is good but staying small is not good. Pick out your best talents and work with them!


Opportunities can help you get your own job. What is opportunity? It is simply a problem that you can solve. You might not know how to solve all problems but there is one you can solve.

How did David get his second job? A man named Goliath was threatening everybody. David knew how to use a catapult very well and he had started small in the bush. One day, while he was in the bush with his father’s sheep, a lion came and he killed it. On another occasion, a bear came to attack the sheep and David killed it!

This time around, a bigger problem surfaced. It was Goliath. Always remember that the bigger the problem the bigger the job opportunity. If there are no problems, you can’t have any job. If you can find a problem that you can solve; that’s your job.

The problem Goliath came but nobody could face him. Not even the king could face him for 40 days. So, David came up and killed him. After that, Saul must have said to David, “You used to be my musician, come and become my armour bearer.” A bigger opportunity had come. The number of problems you can solve around you is the number of jobs you can create.

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