Passive income 101

Passive income is one you earn without much effort or slightly less work, i.e., while you are “passive.” Active income is the money you receive from work. Passive income is interest on your bank deposits or Treasury bill savings. Active income is the professional fee that you receive to provide consulting services. Passive income is the receiving of the rental fee from the unit you lease out. It’s money dripping from an (ideally) autonomous system dripping into your wallet. Active needs work. Passive demands little work or nothing at all.

Active employment is also less stressful than setting up a passive sales network. This is another aspect in which the two are quite different, and the work starts with an active income job after you become involved in the process. On the other hand, when we discuss passive income, most of the work comes at the beginning while the business is still being built, after which the idea is to work less and less over time. As you can see, the two options evolve in opposite directions, but both aim to achieve the same goal — to make money. The major advantage in favor of passive income is that you can start earning more, or even much more than you would on a regular job with some effort and ideas. You should, at the very least, reach the point where the revenue generated from your passive income is equal to that of a regular job, but you will still work significantly less!


Passive revenue earning isn’t instant. It may actually seem ironic, but it does take a lot of hard work. But at the beginning, this hard work is mostly limited, and once the system is up and running, you will hardly ever need to work, particularly if you allow other people to handle it for you. And I present to you the passive income calculation without pre-empting the  debate.


Only God can create something from nothing. You just can’t. So, if you want to produce passive income, you need to have the resources from which you need to create it — a structure or system that works. This is where much, if not all, of the hard work, time, and resources are needed. It’s because the basis for this is. Have you ever seen a house being built from scratch? You will notice about 70 percent of the time spent building will be spent on the foundations. In fact, that’s why we think buildings are relatively fast to build— building everything else above the foundation is simple once there’s a solid foundation in place that takes time. It’s the same with the passive advertising systems online. If you are to earn the passive income reliably, you need to set up the right processes and get them correctly.

You can’t squeeze blood out of thin air, and as such, you’ll have to create something to sell — a product or service. Including commitment and dedication, which are very important, this should also be seen as the most valuable aspect of any and all talent that you have.

Don’t worry about considering your own ideas as a possible recipe for success, but be careful. It may be difficult to capitalize on your personal hopes and dreams for the type of business you wish to start, so be prepared to make sacrifices to maximize your chances of success. At the same time, the one idea you’ve had somewhere in the back of your head for the longest time may really have the perfect place on the mountain of opportunity, which is the internet. The best way to adapt successfully is through market research and tons of research since information is power. Armed with the details and a thorough understanding of the markets that you want to enter into, exploring will be your next step.


Since you’re new to this, you’ll find that you don’t know it all perfectly — or nothing at all! You need to take risks and experiment too — see what works. The key here is not eliminating risks— that’s impossible— but managing them properly as they come. Experiment on the proposed business by taking well-calculated risks, and you’ll be able to fine-tune what you’ve created so it can generate passive income for you consistently. This is, of course, where information and awareness come into play and play their part in minimizing the likelihood of failure. The experimentation will be harmless if you exercise due caution; you will be able to adjust your business with minimal to no risk. Experimentation itself is as important as being healthy while you are at it. Keep in mind that to get you going, the strategies and markets covered in this book will usually require little to no financial investment. This means watching out for opportunities that can appear from thin air, offering castles and towers for just a small, or not so small, money. Of course, how much money you want to allocate to your own venture is up to you, but always remember that simple streets are rare or non-existent. Upon trying out a couple of different items and seeing some results— good or bad — things should start to get in focus. At this point, some options should start looking better than others, and you should have a better idea of your opportunities and the choices to take advantage of them. Remain detailed reviewing every prospect’s pros and cons. When there is also an underlying catch, an enticing advantage in one position should not pull you out there.


You will find out what works and what doesn’t work by experimentation. You’ll see what else you need to add, too. You will need to eliminate those things at this point that not only don’t work, but keep your passive online system off and run like a well-oiled machine. You might also need to increase it with new information you didn’t know at the start. In order to establish a consistent passive income system, fine-tuning is necessary. Unfortunately, this aspect of the process may mean that some ideas and expectations have been dissolved. However, compromises are not really a bad thing, and you may even find that learning to let go of some original ideas is liberating, especially if they hold down your project. Of course, sometimes, just building on those ideas may be all you need to do, and you’ll definitely see ways you can do that as you move forward. Your effort to form the most viable means of passive income should also make clear what you need to add to the mix. If a certain approach is a no-go, then surely, further experimentation will show you the way. In the event that you’re still hanging on to an idea and don’t want to give up that easily, then check out a few different approaches and changes with that. But you need to know that some models just aren’t feasible and that’s all right.


We all can’t techno-geek. Chances are, not either. There will be times when you need to delegate tasks and duties to other people so you can concentrate on what’s more important about managing your passive income system online. Why spend one month trying to figure out how to sell a good video course when you can hire someone to film it for you, so you can concentrate on making the materials of the course excellent? In delegating, you will also be able to draw on the experience of other people. There is a lot of a website where hiring a freelancer’s services is simpler than ever, on practically any job! Anything can be negotiated from payment to deadlines to the specific needs of your specific project. While you need to get to know their particular skills and abilities well, hiring a freelancer is certainly another step towards kicking you back and letting your passive income begin to flow. The famous websites providing freelancer services will have specific systems in place to ensure that your savings are not being squandered.

We’ll look at some of those sites later in the book, which is renowned and respected throughout the internet. Exercising caution and making great use of their customer protection programs is a ticket to get others to do the job for you with success. After assigning your work and consolidating your operation in this regard, the time has come to look into even more ways of serving you with technology.


The fun part here. When you have set up your system very well and assigned the tasks to key people, you can use technology to automate the most of the processes— if not the whole process — and have more time in life for more important things like family, friends, or watching your favorite friends overwhelm. There are many ways to simplify certain facets of a vast array of projects you may be pursuing along the way. Whether you’re dealing in affiliate marketing, sales of all kinds, or managing your website(s), technology will always come in handy again and again. Later, as we go through the many ways of passive internet income, we’re going to look at how technology will make your life much easier in specific operations.


In the subsequent chapters, we’ll look at some of the top ways you can start earning passive income over the Internet. These are self-publishing Kindle, Amazon FBA, marketing of niche websites, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and online courses such as Udemy. The number of ways you can address each of them is even broader than the range of different industries, open for business on the Web! Nonetheless, there also come quite a few things to look out for with a lot of opportunities. We’re about to cover it whether you should look to avoid or grab them.

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