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Understanding the Work Environment at Amazon

Why Work with Amazon?                       

If you are successful in getting through the application process, you should expect a question along the lines of, “Why do you want to work for Amazon. We will look at the interview questions and how to answer them later. For now, let us look at some of the reasons why you would want to work for Amazon. I am sure you already have your reasons for choosing Amazon. In my case, working with Amazon was just an obsession. After working with the company for a year, I started realizing the real benefits of working with Amazon. Some of the reasons you should consider working with Amazon include:

To Build Your Resume

Although this might not be the number one reason on your list, working with Amazon is a very good opportunity to build your resume. When applying for jobs, you should present a resume that exudes confidence. If your resume shows that you have worked at a respected firm such as Amazon, you may have an advantage over other competitors. Furthermore, the work culture at Amazon is known globally. Any employer looking to hire an individual that is productive and competitive would not hesitate to hire a person with experience from Amazon.

Exposure to a Competitive Work Environment

If you are looking for a job that will challenge your skills, passion, and innovation, Amazon offers just the right platform. At Amazon, you get the chance to work with highly motivated individuals in a fast-paced tech world. You have to compete for opportunities, show drive, and competitiveness to sustain your position. If you are the type of person who likes new challenges and an environment that cultivates productivity, you should consider getting a job at Amazon.

Good Pay and Working Terms

The other reason you may want to work at Amazon is the good pay and working terms. Although Amazon presents one of the toughest work environments, they also offer some of the best rates. The company is not afraid of compensating productive employees. They have good payment terms, including insurance covers, off days, allowances, among others. As an employee of the company, you will live a comfortable life from your salary and also engage in other fun social activities facilitated by the company.

A Learning Opportunity

As I have mentioned above, Amazon is more like a business school. When you work at Amazon, you have to learn about the business model. The company offers regular training and provides plenty of resources for employees to learn. The employees of the company are on a constant learning curve to keep up with the latest trends in the world. Furthermore, employees should always watch out for changes in customer behaviors and product preferences. As an employee of the business, you can acquire a lot of skills that will be helpful when you choose to invest in e-commerce.

A Chance to Grow

The other benefit of working at Amazon is job security and the chance to grow your career from one level to another. If you are productive and aggressive, Amazon presents just the right place to grow your career. You can easily grow through the ranks to managerial positions at the company as long as you are productive. Since Amazon is one of the largest companies, you should not worry about the security of your job. The company is on upward growth trends, and the growth does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. You can be assured that the company will always need your services as long as you are willing to work. On the downside, to hold a long career at Amazon requires a person who is resilient and competitive. Like it is the case in most companies, you should be a person who adds value to the company to be retained.

People Who Do Well in Amazon                         

While some people are unable to handle the work environment at Amazon, there are those who thrive. Before you consider working at Amazon, you should assess your skills and traits to see whether you fit the work environment. I must mention that there are different types of jobs at Amazon. The character required for the jobs at Amazon is not the same across the board. Some jobs will call for a bit more resilience than others. We will look at all the jobs available at Amazon later. Despite the type of job you are applying for, there are some qualities that generally distinguish Amazon workers from others. Although most of the qualities may be required by other companies, they are particularly important for Amazon when hiring.

The qualities required from Amazon workers include:

Intense Passion

The key to working at Amazon successfully is having a passion for whatever you do. As we have already seen, Amazon sources for self-motivated individuals. This means that you will be working in a highly competitive environment. The work culture at Amazon promotes those who can fight for opportunities. The environment calls for productivity and investment in the company. For you to be able to survive in such an environment, you should be willing to work hard. For this reason, you should only apply for an opportunity you are passionate about. If you are a marketer, you should enjoy what you do. Your time should be spent on growing the company by doing what you are hired to do. If you can perform your duties well for the company, you will be happy and stay at Amazon for as long as you want.

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

The other important quality you will need to work at Amazon is the dedication to customer satisfaction. The number one principle that Amazon operates on is customer satisfaction. The company pays too much attention to customer satisfaction at the expense of employees. In some instances, the employee has to work overboard just to ensure that the customers are served well. If you have the heart to serve customers, the Amazon platform was made for you. In whichever department you work, you are required to prioritize customer satisfaction. For instance, a web developer is required to think about customer experiences when developing websites. The same case goes for a warehouse loader. The loader should think about how fast the products are supposed to be delivered to the customer. The success of Amazon as a business is built on the efficiency of all the departments. All the departments are required to prioritize customer experience and work towards the best service delivery.

Aggressive and Relentless

The other quality you will need to work for Amazon is aggressiveness. By being aggressive, you can fight for opportunities and grab them when they come. As we have seen, one of the key principles of Amazon as a business is being stubborn. The company focuses on achieving its visions relentlessly, although they are flexible in the approach. The employees of Amazon should have a similar spirit. If you want to work at Amazon, you should constantly fight for the vision of the company. If the company takes a new way, you should be flexible enough to adapt to the new way to help the company achieve its vision. Your visions and efforts should always be in line with those of the company.


Some people have criticized Amazon for holding employees in a fixed box by using the 14 leadership principles. While, to some extent, these principles limit the creativity of employees, they also provide the right space within which innovative ideas can help the company grow. Those who work at Amazon, especially in the technological areas, are required to come up with innovations constantly. The fact that they are limited to certain terms does not stop innovations. The company looks for individuals who can come up with innovations that are in line with the vision of the business. The innovations of the employees should enhance better service delivery and cultivate growth for the business. If you are a creative individual with plenty of new ideas, you should apply for Amazon jobs.

Ability to Work Under Pressure

The other important quality you should hold to work at Amazon is the ability to work under pressure. As we have seen, the key principle at Amazon is customer satisfaction. This means that as an employee, you should be willing to do whatever has to be done to make the customers happy. If you have to work extra hours, you should be willing to put in the extra hours just to ensure that the orders are delivered on time. While Amazon pays too much attention to customer satisfaction, it is a fact that the company also cares for its employees. You will not be asked to work extra hours without extra pay. If you love the work and you are passionate about your field, you should not have any problem putting in an extra two hours to make the company successful.

Amazon’s Leadership Principles                  

Amazon’s success can be traced back to its fundamental operating principles. Any individual interested in working with Amazon must understand the 14 principles of leadership and be willing to follow each one of them. Here are the key principles that Amazon workers should follow.

Customer Obsession

The principle states that leaders start with the customer and work backward. This principle has been the anchor upon which Amazon has been built. If you have to work for Amazon, you should be ready to put the customers ahead of everything else. Since Amazon regards all its employees as leaders, you are required to consider the needs of the customer and work towards achieving them. Your success at Amazon will come from working vigorously to earn the trust of the customers. Amazon workers are not required to obsess over competitors but rather over customer satisfaction.


This principle states that leaders are owners and think about the long term. If you have to work at Amazon, you must see yourself as an owner of the business. As the owner of the business, you will make choices that are in the best interest of the company. If you only consider yourself an employee, you may ignore long term efforts for your short term gains. All Amazon employees are required to work as leaders who share the visions and ambitions of the company.

Invent and Simplify

The other principle that Amazon works with is the principle of innovation and simplification. Leaders are expected to be innovative and to simplify the working process for teams. If you have to work with Amazon, you should rate yourself as an innovative person. This principle opens up opportunities for those who are innovative to grow within the company. As we have already mentioned, you will not succeed at Amazon unless you are creative and aggressive.

Are Right, a Lot

This principle states that leaders are right most of the time. In simple terms, as an Amazon employee, you are required to make the right judgment most of the time. From the principles above, you should already have an idea of what the right decision is. For instance, if you have to choose between short term gain and long term gain, a leader is supposed to select long term gain. In this regard, a leader that is wrong most of the time is not the right fit for Amazon. If you keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over, you will not survive at Amazon for long.

Learn and Be Curious

This principle states that leaders are never done with learning. If you have to work with Amazon, you should be on a continuous quest for knowledge. As we have discussed, Amazon is a fast-paced tech company that keeps on changing. For any person to work at Amazon successfully, he/she should be willing to take on new challenges. You should be prepared to burn the midnight oil in search of new ways to solve problems. With such an approach, you will remain a darling to the company.

Hire and Develop the Best

This principle states that leaders raise the performance bar with every hire and promotion. This principle requires Amazon employees to continue raising the bar in terms of productivity. If you are in charge of hiring, you should not let go of a good employee, just to hire another employee whose performance is below the bar. The employees are required to keep on raising the bar day after day.

Insist on the Highest Standards

This principle states that leaders have relentlessly high standards. In other words, leaders are expected to continue raising the bar and showing examples. This principle requires all Amazon employees to behave and act in an exemplary manner. If you are an employee at a senior level, you are expected to serve as an example to those at the junior level. The more responsibilities you are given at Amazon, the higher the standards you should show.

Think Big

This principle states that thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy. In other words, if you think small, you only care about yourself and not the company. All employees of the company are required to prioritize the bigger picture.

Leaders should think about the future of the company and how to serve customers. They should be innovative and creative in ways that are not conventional to provide solutions to problems.

Bias for Action

This principle states that speed matters in business. In other words, leaders should not take too long to make crucial decisions. All employees at Amazon are required to think fast and make decisions that are progressive for the company. Even the most junior employees at the company are required to make judgment calls to save time. The company doesn’t hire people who must wait for instructions or those who are slow in decision making. You should be quick and effective in your decision making to work for Amazon.


This principle states that leaders are supposed to accomplish more with less. If you are going to be an Amazon employee, you should be prepared to manage resources well. The company does not encourage employees who misuse the company resources in the name of work. Amazon works on slim profits, and so, the employees must be frugal. For you to work at Amazon, you should be resourceful, self-sufficient, and innovative. These characters help you manage the resources available well for the company.

Earn Trust

This principle states that leaders listen attentively and speak cordially. In other words, a leader is expected to conduct him/herself respectfully. If you want to work for Amazon, you should have personal principles that attract trust and respect. Emotionally intelligent people can easily thrive at Amazon. You should be able to manage your emotions and also control your actions.

This way, you will earn the trust of other employees and customers.

Dive Deep

This principle states that leaders operate at all levels, stay connected, and pay attention to detail. If you are at the head of a department, you should be responsible for all the happenings within that department. You should not have excuses in case something goes wrong. This is because all employees at Amazon are required to be vigilant and connected. As an employee, you are required to go deep, be attentive, and skeptical.

Have a Backbone; Disagree and Commit

If you are an Amazon employee, you are expected to have your stand on issues and respectfully challenge decisions. As an employee, you are expected to commit to your decisions fully. If you have a different stand on an issue and the company makes a different decision, you are expected to commit to the decision entirely.

Deliver Results

This principle requires that leaders focus on their key responsibilities and deliver results. If you want to be part of the Amazon family, you should be focused on doing your work diligently. You should know your roles and responsibilities and focus on producing the results. If you are not result- oriented, you may not last long at Amazon.

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, with many departments that need the human resource. Since the company has offices and warehouses in many locations across the world, it needs plenty of employees to fill the available positions. Amazon is always looking for the best talent in the market. If you visit their jobs website, you will always find a call for applications. They have over 30 job categories with hundreds of job openings in each group. Here are the main job categories at Amazon for both remote and in-house employees.


Administrative jobs are handled by people who keep things running. They include occupations such as office management, receptionists, executive assistants, and administrative assistants, among others. There are hundreds of administrative jobs at Amazon at different locations. You can apply for most of the administrative positions if you have worked in a similar position or if you have the right qualifications.


The other job category at Amazon is the audio and video production. This category has plenty of jobs in different locations. Audio, video, and photography jobs at Amazon are also available on freelance terms. This category includes jobs such as video editing, photo editing, and creation of advertisements, among others. They are handled by the people who create advertisements used on Amazon Marketplace and those that are sent online. They help in creating product images and videos.

There are usually many open positions under this category. Some of the positions that need filling include studio engineers, audiobook editors, production coordinators, video editors, casting managers, stylists, among others. If you have qualifications in these fields or prior experience, you should apply.

Business and Merchant Development

This category focuses on developing new ways of serving customers and merchants. The Amazon platform serves customers and merchants equally. The company continuously needs innovative minds to make the marketplace attractive to both customers and merchants. The main work of employees in this category is to make new ways of running the business efficiently. They are at the center of creating customer-centric solutions. Some of the jobs that are available under this category include business development managers, channel partner managers, partner development managers, and vendor managers, among others. These offices require people who are innovative and dynamic. If you are qualified in any of these areas, you can visit the hiring page and apply.

Business Intelligence

The business intelligence category offers jobs that are centered around data creation, storage, and protection. This category is all about finding out the key decisions the business should take based on data. The business cannot operate well unless all the operations and statistics are taken into account. All Amazon stores and warehouses need a data clerk and data managers. The business needs data and intelligence experts at the managerial levels. Some of the job openings available in this category include data analysts, economists, business analysts, data engineers, statisticians, customer insight analysts, etc. If you are qualified for these positions or you have work experience, you can apply on the application page.

Buying, Planning, and In-stock Management

Amazon is known for its service efficiency. They are able to deliver products to customers on time despite the fact that they serve millions of customers.

To be able to run such an efficient system, the company relies on the buying, planning, and in-stock managers. This category of jobs includes specialists who ensure that the necessary products are available sufficiently. They control the supply chain of the products stocked.

There are many job openings under this category, including in-stock manager, procurement manager, commodity manager, planners, and buyer jobs. Most of these jobs have to be done in person at specific Amazon fulfillment centers.

Customer Service

Amazon is known as the world’s most customer-centric company for a reason. The company works hard to ensure that all its customers are served well and on time. To ensure that the customer complaints are handled, and services run smoothly, they have a whole department dedicated to customer service. The customer-centric job includes customer support, advocates, and technology experts. This team works to ensure that customer calls and messages are answered on time. They also allow customers to report complaints and have their products changed.

Editorial, Writing, and Content Management

This job category offers plenty of opportunities, both in-house and remote. When I worked for Amazon, I was a remote technical writer. For Amazon to stand out as a brand, it requires content writers to work around the clock.

Writing and editing jobs are vital for the company to tell its story, pass out news alerts, and write product descriptions. There are millions of products on Amazon, all of which need descriptions. The company also invests heavily in search engine marketing. They use the best content management tools to ensure that the website is always ranking high. This may explain why Amazon has among the highest internet traffic. The jobs available in this category include technical writers, copywriters, marketing writers, publishers, digital editors, creative material coordinators, content quality associates, etc.

Facilities, Maintenance, and Real Estate

With over 175 fulfillment centers across the world, it is a fact that Amazon owns plenty of properties. The company needs real estate specialists to keep their properties in shape. All the estates should be maintained to ensure that there is a continuous power supply, gardens are maintained, the houses are presentable, among others. All these jobs are available to people who are qualified in specific regions. Some of the jobs that Amazon offers under this category include Facility technician, Facility specialist, facility service technician, industrial maintenance, control system specialist, etc.

As you can see, most of the real estate jobs available at Amazon are supposed to be done in person. When applying for these positions, you should know the location of the job and the terms available for relocation.

Human Resources

The other category that offers plenty of jobs at Amazon is the human resource. For a company that hires over 175,000 employees globally, there are plenty of opportunities in managing staff. The HR managers have to find the best talent and hire them according to the company’s operational principles. Some of the opportunities available at the Amazon in this category include HR assistant, HR business partner, HR manager, recruiter, source recruiting manager, immigration specialist, etc.


As a business that serves millions of clients globally, Amazon is bound to run into legal problems. Amazon often engages in court battles with clients, merchants, and creditors, among other parties. Since the business has many customers from across the world, it has to be armed with the right legal minds to protect its image. The legal department at Amazon is tasked with exploring new products, representing the company in business suits, and advising the business on best legal practices, among others. The company offers legal jobs on a remote basis too. If you are a qualified legal expert or have experience in the field, look at the legal section, and apply for the available positions.

Leadership Development and Training

The other job category at Amazon is Leadership and development. This category mainly focuses on developing talent and nurturing leaders. A look at the 14 principles of leadership shows that Amazon pays attention to skills development. The company has a department that mainly focuses on grooming competent leaders into leadership roles. Some job opportunities available in the leadership and training departments include trainer, technical curriculum developer, instructional designer, IT trainer, IT manager, etc.

Medical, Health, and Safety

Amazon also needs health experts on board for the continuous running of the business. As we have already mentioned, Amazon offers its employees a comfortable working environment with attractive perks. They have medical officers in all the fulfillment centers who are always ready to offer assistance in case of any illness. Given that the company has many fulfillment centers, there are plenty of job openings at the company that you could apply for if you are a medical practitioner. Some openings in this category include safety coordinator specialist, safety manager, safety product manager, medical representative, etc.

Marketing and Public Relations

The other category of jobs that Amazon offers is based on public relations and marketing. Amazon relies on the fact that customers across the world trust the brand. It brands on providing the best products, low prices, and quality customer service. Although some of these branding factors may not be true, the marketing and PR department makes them seem true. The work of the marketing team is to ensure that the best image of the company is sold out. This department mainly deals with creating content that shows the beauty of the business. They are required to link up with customers, understand customer issues, and offer solutions. Some of the openings available under the marketing and PR departments include marketing coordinator, marketing manager, social and digital manager, brand specialist, and PR specialist, among others.

Software Development

Amazon is a hi-tech company that has built its reputation on developing innovative products for its customers. They have to hire the best tech minds to develop software and applications that are user friendly. Some of the jobs in this category include Software development engineer, software development engineer in test, quality assurance engineer, and applications engineer, among others.

Warehouse and Shopper

Lastly, the category that offers most jobs for Amazon employees is the warehouse and shopper department. In this category, all the processes of picking, packaging, and delivery of products are handled. If you think you have what it takes to package, label, and deliver products, you can apply for the warehouse positions.

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